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Across the country, educators and those who support them are working to deliver high-quality instruction to the students they serve. But too often, a coherent, shared, or articulated vision for high-quality instruction is missing; instead, the work is informed by competing approaches or siloed into separate departments.

That’s why Student Achievement Partners created the Essential x Equitable (e2) Instructional Practice Suite™.

[ What is the e2 Instructional Practice Suite™? ]

The e2 Instructional Practice Suite™ is designed to equip instructional leaders with the tools to build a shared vision, understand the current state of teaching and learning in their schools relative to that vision, and take action to further deliver on the promise of relevant, engaging, grade-level instruction for all students.

Our e2 Instructional Practice SuiteTM is both essential and equitable. It focuses on and commits to joy. It welcomes the wholeness of students’ lives and expects the task to welcome that wholeness as well. It is standards-aligned and whole-child welcoming. It, simply, is what great teachers have always known great instruction to be.
Joy Delizo-Osborne, President, Student Achievement Partners

What tools and processes does the Suite include?

The e2 Instructional Practice Suite™ includes four tools and processes, designed to work together in support of one, coherent vision:

Available Now:
The e2 Instructional Practice Framework™: The first resource in the Suite is the downloadable Framework, which provides the foundation for how and why instructional leaders should build a vision for instruction that is both essential and equitable. This Framework is just the beginning of the strategy—it is meant to be combined with other tools to put the knowledge into action in the classroom.

  • Sign up for a free, asynchronous professional learning Introduction to the e² Instructional Practice Framework™ Course here.

The e2 Learning Walk Tools™: The Learning Walk Tool, available in mathematics and literacy versions, gathers non-evaluative data to create a snapshot of the teaching and learning across classrooms and/or schools through a series of brief classroom visits. This tool intentionally focuses on students’ experiences in the classroom through the interactions between students, teachers, and content.

  • Sign up for a free, asynchronous professional learning Introduction to the e² Learning Walk Tool™ Course here.
  • If you currently use the Instructional Practice Guide (IPG) and want to learn more about how the e² Learning Walk Tools™ build on this foundation, explore this resource and/or contact us here.

Coming soon:
The e2 Coaching Toolkit™: The coaching tools and related coaching process form a set of resources that support the development of personalized growth in e2 classroom practice. This set of tools aims to humanize the coaching process, transforming instructional practice and amplifying student learning. Whether the tools are being used individually or together, they are flexible in nature and adaptable to any context.

The e2 Surveys and Interview Protocols™: This set of resources is designed to capture authentic perspectives of teachers and students that reflect the realities of classrooms. Too often, data collection processes focus solely on grade-level outcomes while neglecting the aspects of lived experiences that contribute to equitable instruction, which can’t be as easily quantified. These tools allow for an additional input into data collection processes that elevate the voices, leverage the assets, and honor the brilliance of students and teachers.

These tools are created to work together.

By adopting additional tools alongside the framework, districts will build knowledge, skill, and fluency in their use as they integrate them into district work over time.

These tools are flexible.

Every district has their own language and focus. Engage with Student Achievement Partners to adapt tools to reflect specific language, align to instructional materials, and implement across a variety of contexts.

These tools are designed for collaboration.

Use the tools and processes to both build understanding of the vision and high-quality instruction across the system and collect input from students and teachers to create a more full, textured picture.

These tools are built with educators, for educators.

The most effective tools are grounded in both the latest pedagogical research and educator insights into what works in the classroom. These tools are designed in collaboration with educators to be put into practice in the real world.

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FAQ: Evolving from the Instructional Practice Guide
The e2 Instructional Practice SuiteTM tools are evidence-based, standards-aligned and can be used flexibly to put your vision into action. If you are looking for professional learning or for customized tools and supports, contact us to get started.